Viterbo & Tarquinia: Discover the Etruscans – Full Day Tour

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Etruscans have always been surrounded by mystery. Their sexual habits painted in the “Tomba de Tori” and in the “Tomba della fustigazione” have been the centre of many studies in the last years. This civilization, the only Italian pre-Roman civilization has left signs of its “modernity” in Viterbo and Tarquinia you will visit.

  • Duration
    8 Hours
  • Starting Time
    08:00 am
  • Group Size
    Max 7
  • Additional Pax
    50 €

Travel among the mysteries of the most ancient culture of Italy: the Etruscans.

We start from Viterbo, known as the “City of Popes”, in memory of the period when the Papal seat was moved precisely in this city that still bears the signs of such pomp. The “City of Popes”, the ancient Etruscan capital city and major historical traditions, is a monumental structure one of the most important in Lazio: aristocratic palaces, monuments full of works of art of keen interest, evocative medieval neighborhoods, churches and cloisters from various periods, slender towers and elegant fountains in peperino (a typical stone constructions of Viterbo).

Next stop will be Tarquinia.
Italy is a country rich in artistic and cultural excellences from the immortal charm and inestimable historical value, we boast 44 sites inscribed on the list of World Heritage of Unesco.

Tarquinia is one of these sites, registered in 2004 along with the Etruscan necropolis of Cerveteri with the following reasons: They Represent a masterpiece of human creative genius: the mural paintings on a large scale in Tarquinia, they are exceptional for both formal quality and the content of the representations that detect aspects of daily life, death, and religious beliefs of the ancient Etruscans. The two necropolis constitute a unique and exceptional testimony to the ancient Etruscan civilization, the only type of pre-Roman Italian urban civilization. In addition, the representation of daily life in the frescoed tombs, many of which reproduce in the architectural diagram type of Etruscan houses, is a unique testament of this culture disappeared.

Tour Highlights
  • Viterbo Underground
  • Viterbo
  • Tarquinia
  • Etruscan Museum
  • Necropolis of Cerveteri
  • Ancient Painted tombs
What is included in this tour?
  • Private luxury transportation at disposal
  • Priority tickets for Viterbo Underground
  • Priority tickets for Etruscan Museum
  • Private English speaking guide
Whats not included in this tour.
  • Lunch
Closing Days

Etruscan Museum
is closed all Mondays, the 25th of December

Viterbo Underground
is closed all Mondays

Daily Schedule *
08:15 am
Pick-up from your Hotel in Rome and Transfer to the Viterbo
10:00 am
Visit of Viterbo and Viterbo Undergroung
12:00 pm
Stop for lunch
01:00 pm
Transfer to Tarquinia
02:00 pm
Visit of the Etruscan Museum
03:30 pm
Transfer back to your Hotel in Rome

Note (*) : All times may be subject to change without prior notice due to causes beyond our control.


Viterbo, VT, Italia


Tarquinia, VT, Italia

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