The defences of Rome

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Rome has always been a city of power, money , and spirituality.
For this it was always a symbol to conquer, to destroy, to siege. The first time that Rome was sieged (and taken) was during the Etruscan war in 508 b.C.
Than it was invaded by the Gauls of Brennus (Brian) in 390 b.C. , when they climbed the Capitol Hill and the Romans were awaken by the famous geese.
No more invasions during the powerful Roman Empire, also thanks to the massive walls surrounding the city.
In 5th Century, a number of Barbarian (German) armies devastated not only the City, but the idea itself of Classic civilization, starting the darkest period of European history, the Middle Age.
A strong central power came back to Rome with the rich and noble Popes of 13th and 14th Centuries, when Jubilees called millions of pilgrims to the Holy City.
But the enemies of the popes were many, the Moslim pirates sailing from Northafrican ports, the Lutheran Germans, and the other noble Italian families.
This was a moment of further fortifications, towers, the Coliseum walled and fortified, the building of Castel Sant’Angelo by the Vatican.
Our tour will start visiting the interesting Museo delle Mura , with a walk along part of the Aurelian Walls, built in 272 A.D.
Than we reach the powerful castle dominating the river and defending the Vatican Citadel, Castel Sant’Angelo.
The Castle was built over the monumental tomb of the Emperor Hadrian, and has been the strongest fortification in the city. It is a incredibly rich museum, with ancient weapons, frescoed halls, tall statues, and wonderful views of the city.
The Medici Pope , Clemens VII , fled into the castle, running along the Passetto, a suspended passageway linking the Pope’s apartments with the Dungeons of the Castello.
Both visits will require approximately 4 hrs.

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